8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shock

8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shock

8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shock

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    8 stage Adjustable Remote Reservoir shock
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    Product Description

    Terrafirma 8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shocks offer a new level of performance for recreational and hard core off-roaders alike.

    Terrafirma 8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shocks fit directly onto original Land Rover mountings for easy installation and can be adjusted to suit different terrain and activities

    Terrafirma 8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shocks have increased oil and nitrogen capacity separated by a floating piston within theremote canister. This prevents the gas mixing with the oil at high temperatures significantly improving performance compared to conventional shocks, massively reducing fade and loss of performance.

    The new larger capacity remote canister now has an 8 STAGE damping adjuster to allow the driver to adjust the damping characteristics of the shocks according to driving style and vehicle load, The nitrogen pressure is now fixed to suit the high performance of the shocks.

    Built using race bred valving and similar specifications to the Pro Sport and Extreme shocks including Terrafirma’s massive 20mm double chromed shaft, 46mm piston and 52mm large capacity shock body. Available 2” (50mm) longer than standard as well as the new super long travel +5” (125mm) option for extreme off road use.

    As with the Terrafirma 4 stage adjustable shock the +5” (125mm) longer 8 stage adjustable Remote Reservoir shock is constructed with pin mountings top and bottom which directly replaces the original front shock. The traditional rear top eye mount on conventional shocks will not accommodate the extreme articulation achieved with the +5” (125mm) longer shocks. To enable a rear pin top mount shock to be fitted requires a special mounting kit TF519. The kit comprises a pair of brackets and all necessary nuts and bolts



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    Size Guide

    • 52mm diameter polished zinc plated shock and reservoir body
    • 20mm diameter double chromed shaft
    • 46mm diameter piston
    • Front 605mm open and 360mm closed length (+2”)
    • Rear 613mm open and 383mm closed length (+2”)
    • Fully welded pin and eye mountings
    • High pressure nitrogen charged
    • Multi stage valving
    • Hi temperature fluid
    • Land Rover OE style bushes for easy servicing
    • Blue and gold anodised alloy fittings complete the good looks

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