Air 4" Bump Stop

Air 4" Bump Stop

Air 4" Bump Stop

    Terrafirma 4 inch travel Hydraulic bump stop, mono tube high pressure adjustable nitrogen filled with a 32mm shaft, 46mm piston and 52mm body.
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    Product Description

    Axle bending, bone jarring impacts are a thing of the past with Terrafirma hydraulic bump stops fitted. The perfect solution for preventing the harsh suspension ‘bottoming’ associated with standard rubber bump stops. With 4” of travel the Terrafirma hydraulic bump stops progressively absorb the last few inches of suspension movement dramatically smoothing landings and massive bumps.

    Terrafirma hydraulic bump stops reduce driver fatigue and possible chassis/axle damage by controlling shock absorber travel close to full compression.

    Precision engineered from 2” (52mm) diameter aluminium with a super tough hard chrome 32mm diameter piston rod. Classic Terrafirma blue and silver styling is retained with machined anodised fittings and a nylon contact pad keeps noise during operation to a minimum.

    Mounting Terrafirma hydraulic bumps stops to Land Rovers is made possible with specific Terrafirma mounting kits. They can be mounted with any shock absorber option and are adjustable to limit compression movement as required. Take a look at the suspension hardware section for full details.

    Weld on mounting tubes are also available for custom vehicle builders who wish to incorporate Terrafirma hydraulic bumps stops into their chassis design.

    The bump stops are adjustable between 150 and 400psi and come factory set at 150psi. The length of travel and specification of the Terrafirma bump stops is ideally suited to Land Rover type 4x4 and weight applications.

    Factory Set oil amount is 90cc


    Size Guide

    • 4” (100mm) travel.
    • Zinc plated for bright long lasting finish with striking blue anodised machined alloy fittings.
    • High pressure Nitrogen charged
    • High temperature 5W premium quality shock fluid
    • Adjustable between 100 and 400psi, factory set at 150psi for immediate fitment
    • 3mm wall thickness

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    TF140 Bump stop are fitted to the rear they have be changed to 2" travel