Bypass Remote Reservoir shock

Bypass Remote Reservoir shock

Bypass Remote Reservoir shock

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    Bypass Shocks with a 2.5" body and remote reservoir
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    Product Description

    The Terrafrima Bypass Shocks have a 2.5 Inch Body and along with features like a fined remote reservoir to oil cooling.   

    The position-sensitive external bypass design allows for stages of the shocks compression and rebound stroke to be adjusted independently without affecting the other stages.

    There are 2 Compression Tubes and 1 Rebound.


    NOTE: Bypass Shocks are built "left" or "right" handed



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    Size Guide

    • Piston 60 mm
    • Rod 22 mm
    • Outter Shell 62 mm
    • High Quality Shim Vavle
    • Rebuildable
    • Endurance and High Performance
    • 2 Tubes Adjustable Compression Damping Force
    • 1 Tubes Adjustable Rebound Damping Force
    • Min Nitrogen Gas Pressure 100 psi
    • Maximum Nitrogen Gas Pressure 250 ps

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