Mega Sport 11" 2.0

Mega Sport 11" 2.0

Mega Sport 11" 2.0

    Terrafirma Mega Sport 11 inch travel mono tube, high pressure adjustable nitrogen charged rose jointed rear shock absorber with a 20mm shaft, 46mm piston and 52mm body.
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    Product Description

    The ultimate 4x4 shock absorber, previously only associated with custom built off road competition vehicles. The Terrafirma Mega Sport shock combines the finest quality machining, specialist components and design features and is built to stand up to the punishment encountered in the harshest off road conditions. Multi stage damping provides outstanding control and the high volume of oil contained within the huge remote reservoir dissipates heat ensuring consistent performance for long periods regardless of the terrain.

    Constructed from bright zinc plated 52mm diameter steel tube machined to extremely high tolerances with a 46mm piston in a monotube design with Terrafirma’s customary super strong 20mm hard chromed shaft. Blue anodised machined alloy fittings complete the impressive looks.

    Terrafirma Mega Sport shocks can be adjusted by varying the nitrogen pressure using a gassing kit such as TFGASKIT. The shocks are factory set at 150psi for immediate fitment and can be adjusted between 100 and 200psi to suit conditions and driving style. Higher nitrogen pressure will result in increased damping giving a firmer more controlled ride.

    Terrafirma Mega Sport shocks can be fitted to Land Rovers using dedicated Terrafirma mounting systems and can be adjusted to suit different terrain and activities.

    Although the Mega Sport shock is not vehicle specific and as such will suit custom vehicle builders, unique Terrafirma mounting systems have been produced to fit these amazing shocks to Land Rover Defenders, it is also possible to fit them to Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classics with some minor modifications needed to the inner wings and panel work.

    The adjustable shock mounting kits are designed to allow either the 9” or 11” shocks to be fitted to provide several options on wheel travel from standard to extreme!

    These mounting kits are available as part of a comprehensive kit or separately, take a look in the suspension kit section and suspension hardware sections of this catalogue.


    Size Guide

    • Available in 11” travel
    • Suitable for front and rear application
    • Zinc plated for bright long lasting finish with striking blue anodised machined alloy fittings.
    • 5/8 (16mm) diameter 1.5” (38mm) wide spherical bearing mounting eyes
    • Multi stage valving
    • High pressure Nitrogen charged
    • High temperature fluid
    • Adjustable between 100 and 200psi, factory set at 150psi for immediate fitment
    • Factory set oil quantity: 9” travel 720ml and 11” travel 790ml
    • 3mm wall thickness

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    A quick review of these shocks from quite a few years ago, and they are still working just as good now.
    quick video of the Mega sports in action...
    Mega sport bolt on mouting kit (TF247) in action on a 90