Recovery Kits

Recovery Kits

Recovery Kits

    The Terrafirma Factory Racing Recovery kits
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    All your recovery needs taken care off. Choose the kit that suits your needs.

    TF3316 Winch Bag kit contains:-

    • Bow Shackle 4.75T 22mm PIN
    • Terrafirma Recovery Gloves Large
    • Snatch Block with grease fitting - Red
    • Terrafirma Tree Strap - 12000kgs 5m x 80mm
    • Black Terrafirma Winch Bag


    TF3317 Winch Pro Kit contains:-

    • Terrafirma Black Winch Bag
    • 2 x Soft Shackle
    • Terrafirma Recovery Gloves (Lg)
    • Terrafirma 18 Tonne MBS Snatch Ring
    • Terrafirma Tree Strap


    TF3318 Winching kit contains:-

    • Winch Bag
    • Terrafirma Recovery Gloves (Large)
    • Terrafirma Tree Strap 12000kgs 5m x 80mm
    • Bow Shackle 4.75T 22mm Pin x 2
    • Terrafirma Recovery Rope 22mm 30ft 13000kgs


    TF3315 Terrafirma Heavy duty Black Winch accessory Bag ONLY, has internal compartments to store all your kit.

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